Alice Eduardo opens home and heart,
giving us a peek at her exceptional new residence
that is designed to welcome loved ones
into her sanctuary of peace.

The alternative title for the Tatler Philippines feature about Alice Eduardo and her exquisite property here in Manila was “The Generous Home”, which seems apropos after she so warmly and graciously welcomed my small team and me over the course of two day this past August.  As writer Stephanie Zubiri expounds upon in her article, “Despite it being her haven, Eduardo is in fact happiest when she opens her home to her friends and loved ones.  ‘I get a real sense of fulfilment when my guests have a wonderful time here.  It truly brings me joy,’ she says.  This sentiment is an excellent example of what sets this spectacular home apart from other upscale residences because nothing can be more luxurious than the abundance of kindness that emanates from the heart of it.”

Meet Alice, tour her beautiful dream home and learn more about her hands-on attention to detail in its creation by browsing the feature below or download the entire September 2021 of Tatler Philippines free from Magzter.  And see more of my lifestyle and interior photography for Tatler and Tatler Homes Philippines.