What gives you goose bumps? Ghosts, ghouls and goblins aren’t the only things
that send shivers down spines 
or inspire uneasiness. In honour of Halloween,
this month Lowepro asked their Storytellers to capture what “Eerie” means to us.

Each month, the team at Lowepro challenge their Storytellers to a mission, assigning a word or phrase and asking that we show them our visual interpretations.  Because the Storytellers are spread all across the globe, each with their own personal style, it is always exciting to see how everyone translates this prompt into pictures.  Since October is Halloween, this month’s cue was “Eerie”.  Following is my submission for this month’s Storyteller Mission.

I made these photographs on the grounds of the 12th century Church of St. Nicholas in Wickham, England.  A few years ago, I purchased a Diana F+ DSLR adaptor for my Nikon F-mount DSLR, along with the Diana+ 55mm Wide-Angle and Diana+ 110mm Telephoto lenses.  To some, it might seem like blasphemy to attach a $25 piece of plastic to the front of a digital body that costs many thousands of dollars.  However, to me it provides a whole new way to make creative photography.  I thoroughly enjoy experimenting with this marriage of hi-fi and lo-fi, and I love the soft, dream-like feel that the Diana lenses give to my digital imagery.

I have also found that this is a fantastic little combination to bring along with me on holiday.  So many times I have lugged my huge camera bag on a vacation overseas, filled with two (or more) digital bodies and multiple glass lenses, only to lug the bag all the way back home unopened.  However, my Nikon DSLR and Diana+ 55mm combo is both lightweight and fun to play with, so I have found myself packing less gear, and bringing out my camera to play more often when I am on holiday.  And that’s just good for the soul.

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WOODWARD Lowepro Eerie