Another academic year is coming to a close at the Singapore American School (SAS), so I wanted to take this opportunity to share the entire series of our ‘SOAR 5.0’ advertisement campaign that appeared across various print and social media over the past 12 months.

As I’ve shared often — and witness firsthand every time I visit the sprawling Woodlands campus in northern Singapore — SAS is an educational institution that firmly believes when students are given the opportunity to soar, there’s no limit to what they can achieve.  I feel so fortunate that in my job as a photographer, and long-time SAS creative collaborator, that I am able to work in close partnership with the schools’ Communications department to create the ‘SOAR’ visual campaigns annually for the past five years.  I am continually amazed by the maturity, intelligence and passion of the student, faculty and alumni communities at SAS and I am very proud of the photography that we make together every year to share these true stories of perseverance, achievement and success.

See the ‘SOAR 1.0‘ (2014/15), ‘SOAR 2.0‘ (2015/16), ‘SOAR 3.0‘ (2016/17) and ‘SOAR 4.0’ (2017/18) print campaigns.

WOODWARD - 05 ExpatLiving 2018-19 JAN Seek Solve Soar_Spread_FA no mark.
WOODWARD - 07 ExpatLiving 2018-19 MAR Converse Comprehend Communicate _Spread_FA no mark.
WOODWARD - 09 ExpatLiving 2018-19 May Explore Research Inspire _Spread_FA no mark.
WOODWARD - 01 ExpatLiving 2018-19 SEP Spirit Drive Victory_Spread_FA no mark
WOODWARD - 02 ExpatLiving 2018-19 OCT Connect Collaborate Celebrate_Spread_FA no mark.
WOODWARD - 03 ExpatLiving 2018-19 Nov Commit Compete Celebrate_Spread_FA no mark.
WOODWARD - 06 ExpatLiving 2018-19 FEB SEEN KNOWN SUPPORTED_Page_FA no mark.
WOODWARD - 08 ExpatLiving 2018-19 April Immerse Serve Soar _Spread_FA no mark.
WOODWARD - 10 ExpatLiving 2018-19 June Draft Revise Publish _Spread_FA no mark.
WOODWARD - 04 Expat Living 2018-19 DEC Persevere Accomplish Excel with mark