As the 2016/17 Singapore American School (SAS) academic year winds down, and the last of the ‘SOAR 3.0’ advertisements appear in print and across social media, it seemed like an appropriate time to share in its entirety this print campaign that my team and I photographed last year.

As I’ve expressed before, I have a unique collaborative relationship with SAS in that I partner directly with their internal Communications team, rather than working with them through an advertising agency.  This differs from all of my other commercial clients: rather than simply providing a photography service, I am involved in the entire creative process, from ideation through conceptualization, production and, ultimately, the creation of each picture that tells a true inspirational story about an SAS student, faculty member or alumni.

SAS is an educational institution that strongly believes when students are given the opportunity to soar, there’s no limit to what they can achieve.  It is my job to tell these real stories of perseverance and success through my ‘SOAR’ photographs — and I feel extremely fortunate that I, too, am given the creative freedom to do so.

See the ‘SOAR 1.0’ (2014/15) and ‘SOAR 2.0‘ (2015/16) print campaigns.

2016-17 Reach Persevere Soar_FA
2016-17 Personalize Specialize Soar FA
2016-17 Ideate Iterate Soar_FA
2016-17 Soar Coastal Cleanup FA
2016-17 Study Speak Soar FA
2016-17 Succeed Surpass Soar_FA 2 nomark
2016-17 Conserve Educate Soar_FA
2016-17 Inquire Investigate Soar FA with mark
2016-17 Collaborate Calculate Soar_FA
2016-17 Unify Ignite Soar_FA 3