The 2015/16 Singapore American School (SAS) academic year wrapped-up last week, and as the teachers and students head off to their annual summer holidays, it felt timely to look back at the past school year and the ‘SOAR 2.0’ print campaign that my team and created for SAS.

I posted online all the photographs we made for SAS this year a while ago, but I also wanted to share here the print campaign that the school published in media in Singapore and around the world.

My team and I recently spent four days on the SAS campus photographing the ‘SOAR 3.0’ campaign for next academic year. As always, we were very fortunate to meet and photograph even more remarkable students and inspiring teachers.  It was extremely enjoyable to learn about the work the student body and faculty are doing — and then be given the opportunity (and challenge) to tell their stories visually. I am really excited to see our photography in print beginning in August when SAS is back in session.

Browse last year’s 2014/15 ‘SOAR 1.0’ campaign here.

Soar Ad 2015 - Art
Soar Ad 2015 - Journalism
Soar Ad 2015 - Satellite
Soar-A Tradition of Innovation no crop mark
Soar Ad 2015 - Science
Soar Ad 2015 - TEDx
Soar Ad 2015 - Colleges
Soar Ad 2015 - Rainforest
Soar Ad 2015 - Kites
Soar Ad 2015 - Singing