The luminous Manila family home of designer JJ Acuña
and his sister Geraldine Acuña-Sunshine reflects their cultural heritage
and the soulful energy that bonds their members 

The latest issue of Tatler Homes Philippines  is dedicated to celebrating Philippine talent and artistry and, as Stephanie Zubiri shares in her Letter From the Editor, the nation’s “tropical climate has made such an impact on [Philippines’] architectural heritage — building  with the objective of creating the ultimate sanctuary that allows for light nut not heat, ventilation but not wind, and an ease of movement for everyday living.  Capiz windows, balustrades, vaulted roofs, woven partitions, solihiya furniture…  All these iconic Filipino design archetypes are born out of this play of light and flow.”  My assignment for this issue was to photograph designer JJ Acuña and sister Geraldine Acuña-Sunshine’s soulful Manila family home — “a contemporary interpretation of a traditional bahay na bato (house of stone)…a beautiful resort-like haven in the heart of a metropolis…and a true love letter to their heritage.”

Meet JJ and Geraldine, tour their luminous family home and learn more about their homage to Filipino culture by browsing the feature below or download the entire Volume 31 of Tatler Homes Philippines free from Magzter.  And see more of my lifestyle and interior photography for Tatler Homes Philippines.