On a typical sweltering night in late June, more than a dozen young, fit, white-collar professionals — business analysts, finance brokers, IT consultants and teachers — climbed into a makeshift boxing ring at a five-star hotel in Singapore to belt the living daylights out of each other. Watching them were nearly 400 well-healed, black tie-wearing guests, each forking out hundreds for the pugilistic privilege. This was not Fight Club Singapore-style; rather, the men were fighting (literally) for a cause: the Sporting Chance Foundation (SCF). SCF was formed to improve the lives of impoverished, under-privileged children around the world by providing food, shelter, clothing and a sporting environment for the creation of self-esteem and, most importantly, hope. By night’s end, a flurry of blood and sweat had been spilt, but, admirably, over $100,000 raised for SCF. For the fighters it was an exhausting but satisfying conclusion to three months of intensive training. With a week to go before fight night, we trailed the corporate hit-men-in-training, capturing their determination as they ducked, weaved, sparred, skipped, sprinted and shadow-boxed. What they accomplished will impact so many children’s lives. To be sure, no one can ever say these young men didn’t give it a crack!

– Jonathan Lobban