Cambodia has a long and tumultuous (modern) history, having endured decades of colonization, civil war, foreign occupation and the brutal rule of the Khmer Rouge regime who displaced and murdered millions of Cambodians. However, there have been more than two decades of peace and stability and, while the country struggles to recover from the ravages of its recent history, the Kingdom of Wonder is enjoying a modern day renaissance. I have visited Cambodia more than a dozen times since 2001 — from exploring the ancient architectural and spiritual wonder that is the temples of Angkor to drifting down the mighty, muddy Mekong River; from traversing the rolling Cardamom Mountains to buzzing through the bustling capital Phnom Penh; from tracing the hundreds of kilometers of coastline along the Gulf of Thailand to the seaside city of Sihanoukville — and each time I enjoy the nation and her people even more. This collection of work represents some of my favourite imagery captured across the glorious Kingdom of Cambodia.

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