Powerful social film and photographic content, incorporating Diageo’s commitment to corporate social responsibility in Asia, this is the spirited story of two men — Paul Fairhurst and Gregory Burns — as they challenge themselves to complete a high-altitude trek through the stunning Himalayan Mountains of Ladakh, India. But Paul and Gregory are not your regular hikers…

Three days after moving himself and his family from Shanghai to Singapore, Paul was severely injured in a cycling accident. When he regained consciousness after the accident, Paul found himself paralyzed and unable to feel any sensation from the shoulders down. Faced with an uncertain and frightening new physical reality, Paul was determined to walk his way out of the hospital and into recovery. What has ensued is a grueling and committed test of his and his family’s physical and emotional strength.

Gregory is a five-time Paralympic medal winner. When he was a young child, he contracted polio and was paralyzed by the early childhood illness. Gregory has been an exemplar of living an athletic life as a disabled person. But in addition to his athletic abilities, Gregory is a painter, author and world traveler.

When Gregory and Paul met there was an instant connection. This connection ignited the dream of planning a shared trek that would bring them both to new locations and physical tests.

Watch the story of these two men, brought together by a shared force of will and resilience in the face of great physical challenges, inspiring each other to ‘Keep Walking’ across the Great Himalaya.

Read Paul’s personal account of his challenges and experiences leading up to, and while undertaking, this once in a lifetime adventure.

Watch the extended 11-minute edit of our short film, ‘Step By Step’.