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Senator Miguel Zubiri has been in public service for over 20 years. Over his long political career, he has earned a reputation for supporting farmers, social housing, environmental conservation and economic development. As the Senate Majority Leader of the last two Congresses, the financial measures he passed have kept the country on an upward trajectory.

Re-elected to the Senate in the May 2022 national elections, Zubiri subsequently took the Senate presidency two months later. He continues to work on laws that help industries get back on their feet, prioritizing micro, small and medium enterprises and the tourism sector. Zubiri says he is also focused on solutions to strengthen the country's economic fundamentals to better protect Filipinos from the negative impacts of the global market.

Zubiri constantly pushes agendas to help the Filipino people, like wage hikes, rice production zones and even an OFW cancer fund. His stance on the West Philippine Sea issue also displays unwavering patriotism that’s dead set on putting Filipinos first.

2023 marks the third year in a row that Zubiri has been lauded as one of Tatler Asia’s “Most Influential” people.