FASHION + portraiture

In 2012 and 2013, I hosted Around The World With Voyager, a five-episode travel and photography television series on The HISTORY Channel. Sponsored by John Walker & Sons, and inspired by the rare 1920s travel guide “Around The World” — a journal that documented cities and countries across the globe nearly one hundred years ago — the series followed me on the 187-foot custom designed luxury yacht, Voyager, as I sailed across Asia recreating the epic journeys of the early 20th century traders. Filmed in Taipei, Hong Kong, Manila, Jodhpur and Hanoi, the series was one-half travelogue and one-half biography, as I disembarked in each location and met with local icons who define their cities as much as their cities have defined them. As host and photographer, my role was to learn about the icons and their lives, while documenting their personal journeys by creating a definitive portrait of them at each of five milestone locations. Historic yet contemporary, Around The World With Voyager strived to uniquely document the evolving history of modern Asia.

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