Scott’s work is a fantastic mix of travel, landscape and street
photography which he documents during his travels around the globe.

Mobiography Trip 01

Last month I received an email from Andy Butler at @mobiography.  He was working on his latest issue of Mobiography Magazine, and he was interested in profiling me — along with a handful of other accomplished mobile phone photographers and recent iPhone Photography Award winners — in a feature themed “Inspirational Photographers to Follow on Instagram”.

Of course I agreed, and just recently Andy published Issue 32 of his popular digital smartphone photography magazine, featuring some of my work along with other notable and extremely talented mobile photographers Dina Alfasi @dinalf,  Irene Oleksiuk, @honor_life, Marina Spironetti @marinaspironetti and Sara Izzi @sara_izzi.

It’s always exciting to have my work published in any medium — in particular, my personal work, which is the photography that I love to make the most. However, it is even more of a pleasure when my imagery is profiled alongside other such creative and inspirational visual storytellers as those Andy brought together in this most recent issue of Mobiography Magazine.

Follow me on Instagram at @scottawoodward for my iPhone photography from around the world.

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