Most people go through life dreaming of breaking out of their comfort zone,
of seeing the world, living the dream and having the courage to
follow their passions and heart’s desire. However, not many
people have the courage and drive to follow this dream.
Canadian-born photographer Scott A. Woodward
isn’t one of those people.

One of the most exciting things about the totally connected world that we live in is the endless stream of imagery that floats across my screen, on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook.  This work, created by visual storytellers from around the globe, provides me with a constant source of creative inspiration.

This is how I stumbled across Mobiography, an online platform consisting of a website, a magazine (available for download in the Apple App Store and on Google Play) and an Instagram account, that aims to both teach and inspire people to make better photographs with their smartphones.  I started following Mobiography and, in doing so, became acquainted with Andy Butler, the man behind it.

Last year Andy profiled me — along with a handful of other accomplished mobile phone photographers and recent iPhone Photography Award winners — in a feature themed “Five Inspirational Photographers to Follow on Instagram“.

Fast-forward to earlier this year when Andy once again reached out and interviewing me for one of his upcoming editions.  I happily obliged and set about to answer Andy’s questions about my background, my journey, my style, my inspirations, my workflow and my personal tips into how to create better photography using only a smart phone.  The result a 16-page cover feature out this month and includes these insights and showcases a number of my iPhone photographs.

Follow me on Instagram at @scottawoodward for iPhone photography from my adventures around the world.