Lowepro is continually exploring new ways
to shine a bright light on the art and craft of photography
and the professionals who use their gear.

An important aspect of the Lowepro brand is the company’s close relationship with image-makers and storytellers.  Lowepro is continually exploring new ways to shine a bright light on the art and craft of photography and the professionals who use their gear.  One way Lowepro has achieved this is by partnering with hundreds of professional image makers since the brand’s inception in 1967, making it their mission to gather feedback and input on new products, leverage endorsements and highlight stories and projects — all with the purpose of staying inspired, connected and relevant in the ever-changing world of photography.

Since 2016 I have been a proud member of the Lowepro Storytellers, “photographer partners [who] are passionate storytellers and rigorous product testers who go anywhere to get the shot and bring it back.”  As part of this group of  talented professionals — men and women who actively engage in the art and business of photography and videography — I use only Lowepro bags to help me protect, organize and carry my gear on assignments around the world.

Lowepro sponsored my immersive photography workshop in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan — and, in exchange, I took over their @loweprobags Instagram page, posting to their profile every day images I made whilst leading the custom experience.  I have also contributed numerous times to their ongoing Storytellers Mission, a series where we share photographs — and the stories behind them — around a specific theme.  And, as a photographer who spends many months every year travelling on assignment (or, perhaps, who *used* to, pre-pandemic; hopefully I’ll be back roaming the planet again soon), I rely on my collection of Lowepro bags — every one perfect for a different job — to safely and reliably carry my camera gear on planes, trains, boats and automobiles.  Over the years Lowepro shared behind the scenes pictures of me with their backpacks in places as diverse as Bhutan, Japan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tibet, New Zealand — and, just this week, in Tanzania, from my shoot late last year for Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia when did a walking safari in the Serengeti.

It’s a pleasure to be partners with companies like Lowepro, and with the wonderful and committed people who work there and support me and my Storyteller colleagues.  And I can’t wait to once again pack up all my gear and head back out on an another adventure again soon.