Deeply rooted in Bali, John Hardy and
family share their passion for the environment,
explain why they believe bamboo is the future of
sustainable architecture and demonstrat how living

in harmony with nature can be done stylishly.

Living in today’s COVID world, where people’s priorities globally have truly shifted, it is reasonable to ask ourselves: what does luxury mean?  And is it still relevant?  ‘Redefining Luxury’ is the theme of the latest issue of Tatler Homes Philippines, and in its pages Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Zubiri sought to answer these questions by focusing on the steadfastness, versatility and interconnectedness of people and their creations.

“How can we make choices that promote positive change?” Stephanie asks in her Letter From the Editor, explaining that in this issue, “we focus on these qualities and integrate them with the principles of beauty and style that Tatler is known for.  Integration is the key.  As all the elements of our lives are filly intertwined and revolving around the home, I believe we can fully embrace the concept of enduring, sustainable quality in our lifestyles.”

Last February, before everything changed globally, I was commissioned to travel to Ubud, Bali and immerse myself in the green world of John Hardy and his wife, Cynthia, at their Bambu Indah home, as well as visit with John’s daughter, ecotecture pioneer Elora Hardy, at her IBUKU studio and photograph her Green Village River House for the Tatler Homes cover.  Deeply rooted in Bali since the 1970s, the Hardy family shared with us their passion for the environment, explained why they believe bamboo is the future of sustainable architecture and demonstrated how living in harmony with nature can be done stylishly.

Meet John, Cynthia and Elora and learn more about their sustainable design philosophy by browsing the cover feature below or download the entire Volume 26 of Tatler Homes Philippines free from Magzter.  And see more of my lifestyle and interior photography for Tatler Homes Philippines.