“You never know if you never go.”

Choose Your Own Adventure Photography

It was my father who taught me about photography when I was a young boy: how to operate a manual camera, skillfully interpret light and imaginatively compose an image. But more importantly, my dad instilled in me a sense of curiosity and adventure. It is these traits that truly make me a photographer.

In fact, to this day, one of my father’s favourite expressions is, “You never know if you never go.” And I have adopted this saying and made it my maxim — my life’s philosophy — that I carry with me every day.

I call my photographic style “Choose Your Own Adventure Photography” after the books I used to read as a young boy. Literally and creatively, I can go one direction and discover a remarkable photographic opportunity; or I can go another way and find something entirely different. It is this serendipity that is the beauty of picture making for me.

My photography features regularly in publications around the world, and I have photographed international advertising campaigns for numerous global brands.

I was selected by Nikon as “One of Asia’s Finest Photographers” and I have twice been honoured by Luerzer’s Archive as one of the “200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide”.

I am a Nikon Professional Photographer, Lowepro Storyteller, SanDisk Extreme Team Member and Scott Dunn Flying Photographer. I am a STUDIO at Getty Images global assignments photographer and a contributing photographer to Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia. I am represented exclusively by Ugly Duckling Projects.

Connect with me

[email protected]
SINGAPORE +65 9336-3526
MANILA +63 917-178-8494

My Partners

1. Annette Fausboll B&W


Annette is passionate about great photography. She is the founder of Ugly Duckling Projects, and has more than two decades’ experience in commercial production across Asia-Pacific and internationally.

Danish-born Annette grew up in Copenhagen.  She lived in Sydney for a decade before relocating to Singapore in 2001, with the desire to collaborate with award-winning storytellers while creating a different photographic and film production model in the region.

Annette and Scott have been partners since 2008.

2. Michael K. Rogers B&W


Mike is the founder of Persistent Productions. He has broad international experience working as a director and cinematographer in dozens of countries around the world — his passion for storytelling stemming from his unquenchable thirst for travel and adventure.

Mike has worked with numerous major television broadcasters, documentary production companies, independent filmmakers and international brands. A new form of storytelling is emerging and Mike hopes his voice will be an integral part of this new dialogue.

Mike and Scott have been collaborators since 2008.

3. Meghan Shea B&W


Meghan is a writer, producer and director at Persistent Productions.  She received her MFA from George Washington University and works to combine her passion for the arts with film, specializing in short- and long-form documentary, arts and culture content and social impact storytelling.

In her roles as writer, producer and director, Meghan has partnered with foundations, artists, cultural organizations, social enterprises and multinational brands to bring stories to the screen.

Meghan and Scott have been collaborators since 2008.

4. Zam B&W


With more than 17 years experience assisting many of the Asia’s best photographers, Aiszam and his highly trained and technically proficient crew are dedicated to providing professional photographic assistance, digital operation and grip services.

Aiszam’s expert knowledge of creating and manipulating artificial light, paired with his fine attention to detail and keen collaborative spirit, make him one of Singapore’s most respected photographer’s assistants.

Aiszam and Scott have been partners since 2006.

5. Andrea Claire


Andrea is a hair and makeup artist with extensive international print, runway and commercial experience. She is a versatile, respected member of the beauty industry, starring in makeover television series, appearing regularly on reality programs and authoring beauty articles across a wide range of publications.

Andrea’s creativity is what makes her so popular among top clientele; she’s consistently working hard to come up with innovative looks that impress both her models and her clients.

Andrea and Scott have been collaborators since 2008.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Agnes has always had a keen interest in art and design, beginning her career as a visual merchandiser in a department store before progressing to graphic design and, in 2006, transitioning into her role as a digital imaging artist.

With a natural ability to communicate with both photographers and clients alike, Agnes is an invaluable creative partner, collaborating throughout the creative process while providing expert digital imaging guidance and professional retouching services.

Agnes and Scott have been partners since 2010.